Project Inquiries

New project inquiries should be directed to Nicholas Kottak, PhD.
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Tel:  301-320-1297

Our Commitment

As cultural and psychological anthropologists, we are committed to research methods that produce the richest and most authentic data on our clients' customers.

Ethnography, our expertise, is a research method spawned by anthropologists. Anthropologists remain its best practitioners. 

Ethnography, however, is not just a method. It also is a descriptive and interpretive enterprise.

Our intuitive familiarity with social and psychological theory allows us to see patterns in the data that others routinely miss.  


Global Reach

Our projects have brought us to the UK, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Greece, Australia, Japan, China, Brazil, Canada, Mexico, South Africa, Mozambique, and Madagascar. 

When conducting ethnographic and qualitative projects with a global orientation, our researchers travel to each country not only to train and supervise our international research partners, but also to observe and direct the research process firsthand.

By project end, this process enables us to achieve an integrated understanding of the key global patterns and identify critical nuances of cultural variation.